RadioReport Mamma Modul DE


Breast reporting

Diagnostic breast cancer workup relies on several imaging modalities, including mammography, breast ultrasonography, and breast MRI. The new RadioReport® Breast Module integrates images from all modalities in the reporting process, supporting you at the highest professional level.

RadioReport Thorax Modul DE


Chest CT Module

The first module in computed tomography available for immediate release is the Chest CT Module. The module fully reflects changes in cases of COVID-19 pneumonia, and of also includes the classification for the probability of COVID-19 infection.

RadioReport Wirbelsäule DE


Spine MRI module

The Spine MRI Module released today is the latest member of the MRI module family. This is one of the most common clinical studies and accounts for around 20% of routine diagnostic MRI.

RadioReport CE Certificated


CE mark

RadioReport® has been successfully certified as a Class I medical device under Directive 93/42/EEC.