RadioReport® | 103. Deutscher Röntgenkongress

May 25–27, 2022

Experience the Future of Reporting
Live at the RöKo 2022 (Halle Süd, Stand 21). We look forward to seeing you!

Your Meeting with RadioReport®

In a personal appoint­ment we present you the leverage of RadioReport®: Time saving, quality, multi­lingualism, ICD-10 coding, AI integration, and more.

Presentation and Discussion
“Guided Reporting 3.0 – Bridge to AI”

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Huppertz together with Dr. med. Igor Toker will take you through the presentation and discuss your questions and remarks. We’d love to see you: Friday, May 27, 2022, 10:00–11:00, Halle Nord, 2nd floor, Loge 2.1

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