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MRI is the most frequently used imaging examination of the head, and it is the method of choice to diagnose several neurological disorders of the brain. Our head MRI module guides you, step-by-step, in creating precise and standardized radiology reports for a wide range of MRI head-related imaging findings.

RadioReport Head MRI
This module focuses on describing imaging findings of brain-related disorders such as stroke, demyelinating diseases, neurodegenerative changes, infectious diseases, and intracranial space-occupying lesions. Moreover, it covers extracranial diseases too.

The embedded interactive localizers are the highlight of this module. For example, the blood vessels localizers enable you to visualize and precisely describe where the vascular abnormality resides.

To make sure you have an optimal workflow, we included certified calculators, plausibility checks, and specific scoring systems. Moreover, we embedded up-to-date medical information, detailed anatomical diagrams, and international classifications.

Radioreport® helps you adopt value-based healthcare, enhance communication with the referring physicians, and improve patient outcomes.

As winners of the “Red Dot Design Award”, our modules are intuitive and designed in a user-oriented way.