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RadioReport®: Faster, straight­forward, complete, and stan­dard­ized. The software is based on the revolu­tionary concept of guided reporting. Join the revolution.

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a revolutionary idea

RadioReport® has been developed from the radiologist’s perspective.

This is reflected in its design and user interface. In addition, the software opens doors for lucrative revenue-generating business models.

Faster and better reporting

RadioReport® cuts reporting time. Generate complex sentences with just a few mouse clicks.

 With RadioReport®, image analysis, reporting and assessment run in sync.

All-new potentials

RadioReport® generates high-quality reports quickly, regardless of which language the user is using.

RadioReport® also offers features that can create new success factors and actively shape the future for radiology departments.


Freedom instead of dictation!

Developed by radiologists for radiologists.

Reporting with just a few mouse clicks

With RadioReport® your efficiency reaches unprecedented heights.

RadioReport® is CE Certified

RadioReport® has been successfully certified as a Class I medical device under Directive 93/42/EEC.

Quality up, workload down

RadioReport® offers various features that can be used to speed up reporting in a “controlled” manner, allowing flexible work tailored to the situation.

Service & Support

Our experienced and expert service team will support you when implementing RadioReport®.



RadioReport® is constantly evolving – Check out our latest news

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RadioReport® is the product of close collaboration over many years between three experts with very different areas of expertise.


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Our vision: improve diagnostics with intelligent software and leverage Big Data for better treatment. That’s why we need creative minds thinking outside the box and daring to break new ground.