Guided Reporting – Rethinking structured Reporting

Key to the development of Guided Reporting is the idea of digitally mapping the thinking of experienced radiologists. The resulting software is a decision tree that sets minimum requirements and guides the user flexibly through the analysis process.

Definitely, the growing number of scans and increasing complexity of cases is a real challenge for radiologists.

A Message from Jan Wintzer, Co-founder, CEO

The Weaknesses Of Current Reporting

While so-called free-text dictation may appear fast, studies show that an MRI report takes, an average of 17.4 minutes to complete1. Over the years, the time to perform a scan has become much shorter than the time required to complete the report.

And the time problem is compounded by a quality problem. Studies have shown high inter-radiologist variation for the same image datasets.2

In addition, referring physicians complain that the traditional reports created by dictation are not always satisfactory.3 The lack of standardization means that efficient data collection and analysis is not possible.

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Guided Reporting – pinpoint assistance

Guided Reporting can be thought of as a virtual interview assistant guiding the radiologist in a seamless workflow along an almost perfect decision tree to the final report. Pinpoint information, graphical selection tools and required fields help the radiologist along the pathway. The end result is a complete, structured and standardized report in a short and clear language – created and printed with just one mouse click.
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RadioReport® revolutionizes reporting

We have mapped the thought processes of experienced radiologists into RadioReport®. Starting with anatomy instead of pathology, the software guides you like a virtual interview to the final report.


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