All-new potentials

RadioReport® offers features that can be used to create new successes and actively shape the future for radiology departments.

Faster reporting with higher quality

Delivering under time pressure has always been a challenge. The demands of increasing workload leads to two central questions: How can the growing quantity of examinations be diagnosed without compromising clinical outcomes? How can the radiologist and other healthcare professionals be supported? RadioReport® provides the answers.


Potential: Speed

RadioReport® cuts reporting time in half, as the software guides you through your findings based on defined criteria. The focus is on the essential details of your findings, allowing the software to automatically generate complex sentences with just a few clicks of the mouse. With RadioReport®: medical analysis, reporting findings and assessment run synchronously with the creation of the report. The current time-consuming and error-prone free-text dictation will become a thing of the past.

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Potential: Quality

Two essential criteria are key to produce quality radiological reports: completeness and readability. RadioReport® ensures both these criteria are met by the use of mandatory entries, avoiding omissions and ensuring  the report contains all relevant information. The software uses in-built plausibility checks that help to avoid contradictions in the report and any resulting misinterpretations. Since the entire report is standardized, it is clear, concise and easy to understand.

RadioReport® supports those healthcare professionals who have less experience to create high-quality reports. This makes the process of authentication much easier. Experienced reporting professionals are thus freed up and the efficiency and quality of the entire team increases.

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Potential: Information

During the reporting process, radiologists may refer to literature and knowledge gained from other cases. RadioReport® offers a steadily growing library that can be opened with a mouse click during reporting. The software automatically suggests the most significant information and dramatically reduces search time.

In addition, each new finding adds to a comprehensive knowledge database in RadioReport® that every radiologist and healthcare professional can access. Again, this benefits less experienced healthcare professionals in particular, who reap the rewards with a shortened learning curve.

RadioReport Multilingual Small

Potential: Multiple languages

RadioReport® is multi-lingual. The report can be created in one language and changed to another with the click of the mouse. RadioReport® always ensures complete, error-free and universally understandable high-quality reports.

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Potential: Teleradiology

The multi-lingual nature of RadioReport® allows for a number of geographical combinations of referral and examination. You can work from your institution anywhere in the world, in whichever language you require.  It is simple to outsource services when you need support. In both cases, RadioReport® ensures standardized quality.

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Potential: automatic ICD-10 coding

RadioReport® also offers the option of automatically generating a complete list of applicable ICD-10 codes with each report. This ensures transparent and complete documentation of services, facilitating efficient billing and saving time.

Further topics

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Pelvis MRI Module

This module covers the full spectrum of pelvis-MRI imaging findings. It provides high-quality, effective, and standardized radiology reports for several pelvis-related clinical indications.
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Chest MRI Module

Chest MRI was considered an infrequent radiological examination, but it is becoming a valuable routine diagnostic tool without exposure to radiation. This module helps you create accurate, standardized, and concise radiology reports for several chest-related indications.