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Newsletter 05/2022

Dear Readers,

With our latest release, two innovations have added the final touch to RadioReport®: First, the comprehensive coding support for ICD-10-GM and second, the RadioReport® Module CT Abdomen – Pelvis, which completes the anatomical areas of examination.

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Module CT Abdomen – Pelvis

With around 145 CT examinations per 1,000 inhabitants, Germany ranks at an average level according to OECD analyses (U.S. 279 / 1,000)1. 21.7 % of all CT examinations in Germany focus on the abdomen (without contrast: contrast media – 24.8 %: 75.2 %), making it one of the more commonly examined regions in stationary patients. Meanwhile, the pelvis is examined less frequently, with only 8.8 %  (without contrast: contrast media – 34.0 %: 66.0 %)2.

RadioReport® has now developed a new CT module for comprehensive3 and comprehensible4 diagnostics of the abdomen and pelvis. In accordance with our product philosophy, radiologists diagnose with RadioReport® as per the anatomical regions – liver / gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, kidney, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal tract, peritoneum, female resp. male pelvis, lymphatic system, vessels, abdominal wall, and bony structures. For this process, localizers and informational data with extensive references are available.

Only then, RadioReport® proposes respective differential diagnoses to identify the potentially highly differentiated pathologies. The Module CT Abdomen – Pelvis covers an extensive indication spectrum. All radiological image evaluations, such as comprehensive tumor staging (TNM or LI-RADS staging) or the monitoring of treatment efficacy, are integrated in RadioReport® diagnostics. The same applies, in a logical and therapy relevant manner, to non-malignant diseases – for example, the follow-up and assessment of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Pancreatitis with current classifications, respectively expounded in info files.

Pancreatitis with current classifications,
respectively expounded in info files.

Due to the intuitive menu navigation, RadioReport® accelerates diagnostics after only a short learning phase. Developed by radiologists, Guided Reporting was modeled after their deciphered thought processes during daily diagnostic routines, to avoid the omission of relevant aspects. Thereby, RadioReport® offers a high quality standard with comprehensive and linguistically correct reports (multilingual machine translation possible). After optional amendments, such as free text and reference images, these reports can be transferred into PACS /RIS and printed.

An indication like Nephrolithiasis is relatively quick to examine and to report as well.

An indication like Nephrolithiasis is relatively quick to
examine and to report as well.


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New: Coding support for ICD-10-GM

For every diagnosis, RadioReport® can now match a fitting ICD-10-GM coding proposal and offer its adoption in the final stages of the reporting process. This eliminates time-intensive searches, using sources like www.dimdi.de/static/de/klassifikationen/icd/icd-10-gm/kode-suche/htmlgm2022/. The main diagnosis coded by RadioReport® is primarily responsible for the hospitalization of the inpatient and its ICD-10-GM code is the crucial assignment criterion for determining the DRG. However, RadioReport® also codes secondary diagnoses.

A report by RadioReport®, supplemented with a single mouse click, supports the attending physician or the clinical coder because the radiological report is augmented with a precise and comprehensive ICD coding recommendation. This produces further options for the DRG coding, relevant to billing and overall quality enhancement.

RadioReport Service

The RadioReport® Service & Support assists you in all issues that may arise with the software and installation.