Quality up, workload down

The increasing workload for radiologists raises key questions that are currently affecting radiology departments around the world: How should the daily volume of images be assessed under time pressure without sacrificing quality? To what extent can radiology afford quality losses in reporting and what should an adequate solution look like?

RadioReport® ensures better quality

The following software features ensure that the report is complete:

  • Mandatory fields help avoid omissions
  • In-built plausibility checks help prevent contradictions
  • Integrated Expertise: The reports show the information relevant for referring physicians in unambiguous, standardized language.
  • There are no contradictions between the findings and the report
Neo Q RadioReport Report

With RadioReport®, you can create a high-quality, standardized and comprehensible report in just a few steps that contains all the information relevant to the referring physician.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is very important, especially in stressful situations and under time pressures. RadioReport® offers various features that can be used to speed up reporting in a “controlled” manner, allowing flexible work tailored to the situation. In addition, the software offers a number of alternative “decision pathways” depending on the experience level of the user.

Quality improvements within teams

RadioReport® brings the whole team together as one to create reports of better and improved quality, greatly simplifying the correction workflow. Making the entire team more efficient.

Making better use of expertise

The multi-lingual functionality opens the global village and the associated network to RadioReport®. We remove language as a barrier and open the opportunity for all reports to be accessed and understood in a number of different languages.

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RadioReport® revolutionizes reporting

We have mapped the thought processes of experienced radiologists into RadioReport®. Starting with anatomy instead of pathology, the software guides you like a virtual interview to the final report.


RadioReport® is CE certified

RadioReport® has been successfully certified as a Class I medical device under Directive 93/42/EEC.


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